• Advanced cleaning per NFPA 1851-2020
  • Specialist in tar, paint and diesel removal
  • Specialist in body fluid decontamination and cleaning


  • Complete advanced inspection per NFPA 1851-2014
  • Basic and advanced repairs to manufacturer standards and material requirements, including stitching, patching, hardware (zippers, hooks, snaps, etc.), Velcro and reflective trim
  • Warranty repairs as approved by the manufacturer
  • Complete liner assessment (thermal barrier & moisture barrier), hydrostatic testing and repair


  • Comprehensive sizing alterations to keep gear fitting and in-service
  • Lengthen/shorten sleeves and inseams
  • Take-in/let-out waist and chest
  • Lengthen/shorten body of coat
  • Name patches, including hanging patches and patches attached with Velcro
  • Custom pockets, flashlight holders, mic tabs, external harness loops, etc.


  • We offer complete online tracking and record-keeping

RENTALS (including loaner gear)

  • We offer a variety of turnout gear rental options
  • Short-term rentals are great for training or while waiting for new custom gear to arrive
  • Long-term rentals are a popular alternative for probationary hires
  • We also have loaner gear available to departments sending in gear for cleaning and repair