Our expertise in working with structural fire gear extends to performing basic and advanced repairs on all brands of gear to manufacturer standards and material requirements. Our highly skilled seamstresses have over 30 years of combined experience repairing gear to the NFPA 1851 Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting, 2020 Ed. Repairs performed include stitching, patching, hardware replacement (zippers, hooks, snaps, etc.), replacement of Velcro and reflective trim, and reconstruction of sleeves and cuffs due to extensive damage/wear. We are verified to work on the moisture barrier and thermal barrier as well as the outer shell, and are authorized to perform warranty repairs as approved by the manufacturers.


Our work on gear is not limited to basic and advanced repairs. Since 2001 we have supported departments with comprehensive sizing alterations to keep gear fitting and in-service. We can lengthen and shorten sleeves and inseams; we can take-in and let-out the chest and waist; and we can lengthen and shorten coats.

Our seamstresses have also developed considerable expertise in gear customization, including letter patches (hanging patches and patches attached with Velcro or sewn on) and custom pockets, flashlight holders, mic tabs and external harness loops.

Warranty Repairs

Fire Departments can benefit from a number of warranties that cover both the materials used in turnout gear (outer shell, thermal barrier and moisture barrier fabrics) and the construction of the gear itself.

TurnoutManagement is recognized as an Authorized Warranty Repair Facility by the leading manufacturers of turnout gear and protective materials.

We encourage you to review the warranties and contact us with any questions. We work with departments all over the country to make sure they receive the full benefit of these warranties. We look forward to working with your department to ensure you receive all applicable benefits.